Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Apple RedLove

سیب سرخی کاملا سرخ- عشق سرخ - 
در نگاه اول شبیهگوجه فرنکی است ولی .. قبلا عده بسیاری سیب سرخ را دیده اند و سیب ترش را که داخلی صورتی بسیار کمرنگ دارد . اماامروز در بازار انگلیس سیبی عرضه شده که کاملا سرخ مانند گوجه فرنگی دارای هسته و داخل سرخ رنگ می باشد . این تنوع جدید عشق سرخ نام گذاشته شده است . این درخت تنها با روش های سنتی و پیوند به وجود آمده و در آن از اصلاح و مهندسی ژنتیک استفاده نشده است .کشاورز مارکوس کوبرت سوئیسی اهل و ساکن انگلستان این میوه را تهیه نموده است ..او این نهال ومیوه را به نام خود ثبت و نهالاین درخت را انحصاری به فروش می رساند ..او خودش دها نهال داشته و پیش بینی فروش 500 اصله نهال را در اروپا به قیمت خوبی دارد

At first glance, it may look like a bright red tomato, but upon closer inspection and a bite, you'll realize that it's just a red-fleshed apple. According to scientists, this variety is not only tasty (similar to berries), "it is even healthier than your average apple as its red flesh is richer in antioxidants." Continue reading for one more picture. The Redlove is the result of 20 years of painstaking work by Markus Kobert, a Swiss fruit grower. He has cross-pollinated a number of varieties - including one that has pink flesh but no taste - to come up with the Redlove.

A new variety of apple which is red to the core went on sale today.
The Redlove was made by cross-pollinating different varieties such as Royal Gala and Braeburn with a secret variety that has no taste but pink flesh. The apples have a berry nuance, are rich in antioxidants and took nursery owner Markus Kobert 20 years to create at his fruit farm in Switzerland. Devon-based company Suttons, which has exclusive rights to sell the sapling trees at s24.95 each in Britain, already has 1,500 orders from private customers. Redlove saplings are already being planted across Europe for large-scale commercial production and the fruit should hit the British supermarket shelves in about five years. Two varieties are available, the Redlove Era which is harvested from September and stored until Christmas and the Redlove Sirena which can be harvested from August and stored until October. The trees will be ready for delivery in November and will start producing fruit in the second year.

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