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معرفی Expert Choice 2000 [ AHP Expert Choice Software Download ]

 ( Expert Choice 2000 Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP

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The purpose of this guide is to help you start using Expert Choice quickly. To learn more

about Expert Choice refer to the Tutorials and other documents available from Expert Choice’s Help Menu.

Starting Expert Choice

            From Windows click the Start button; then select Programs.

            From the list select Expert Choice.

            From the second list, select Expert Choice.

To Download Expert Choice Quick Start Guide , click here  

User Manual Expert Choice v1.0

Questions for Analysis and Discussion

What are the formulation review steps in the VA budget process? Please prepare a top-level flowchart of the process.

What is the AHP decision method? Based upon the case do you feel you understand AHP and how it is implemented in Team EC

How does Team Expert Choice, or Team EC, collect stakeholder judgments and priorities?

What were the benefits of using Team EC for project evaluation and capital investment decision making?

Would you categorize Team EC as a communications-driven DSS? Is it also a GDSS? Explain and justify your conclusions.

What is your assessment of the Team EC software and its use at the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs

Do you anticipate any problems with using Team EC If so, explain them



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